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Re: Cont. of VMs: Books on Czech cryptography

In message <40509FDC.3932B311@xxxxxxxxxx>, Rafal T. Prinke
<rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx> writes
>ajb wrote:
>> (Or if any other member of the group can tell me how to read them in a
>> text editor such as 'notepad', I'd appreciate it.)
>The messages are encoded in UTF-8 - so you should select
>this encoding in your mail program (I am still using the pre-historic
>Netscape 4.7 - where it is View -> Character Set -> Unicode (UTF-8).
>Best regards,

Thank you, Rafal; unfortunately my incoming mail system just uses simple
plain text (Pop3 Scan Mailbox) and doesn't know anything about this sort
of thing, which is why I asked. It has no facilities for character sets,
only what I believe is ordinary ASCII. I tried cutting and pasting these
UTF-8 messages into my outgoing mail SMTP utility but they still come
out as random text. I have never previously encountered an incoming e-
mail which couldn't be read as basic plain text.

Thanks anyway




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