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Re: VMs: Re: 1478 Assassination Solved

Hi everyone,

At 11:48 06/03/2004 -0500, Bill Dimitroff wrote:
I heard Prof. Simonetta interviewed, the other night, on CBC radio's program
"As it Happens." If anyone is interested, then I'll track down either a
transcript or an audio file. Regards, Bill.

["...by deciphering an encrypted letter that he discovered in a private
archive in Urbino, Marcello Simonetta, a professor of Italian history and
literature, shows that the mercenary Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino,
orchestrated the coup."]

I've corresponded with Prof. Simonetta recently: probably the coolest aspect of this story is that he actually followed Cicco Simonetta's rules to break the cipher (keeping it in the family)! :-)

FWIW, the Urbino Chancery seemed to re-use their ciphers, so it may well be that the cipher used was actually listed in Codex Urbinate 998 (even though that only apparently dates to 1469) - it would be very exciting to find it there too! :-o

And yes, I'd love to hear an audio file or to read a transcript, thanks! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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