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Re: VMs: Blanks: trying to summarize...

At 20:35 05/03/2004 +0000, Nick Pelling wrote:
1) if the language is flected, each form of each word has a lower instance count than the word globally taken. I mean: for instance, in a Latin text about Caesar, you would find _Ceasar_, _Caesaris_, _Caesari_, etc. each with a lower count than the word "Caesar" in the English equivalent. And some languages even change the initial part of the word (not necessarily exotic languages: Welsh is one and, if I am not mistaken, Polish is another).

The apparently boundless ability of natural languages to corroborate even the unlikeliest of theories has made it hard to rule anything out here.

;-) / :-(

However, the key problem with seeing the VMs as a possibly natural language is that its words often seems more (for want of a better word) 'combinatorial' - more akin to an exotic numbering system (like "turbo-charged Roman numerals") than to an actual language per se.

Not to mention the 'unrealistic' repetitions of words!

Are you hinting as half-spaces as distinct from spaces? Two kinds of spaces with potentially different meanings? I think we have enough problems with a single kind of spaces!!

Hoping that they're both the same thing doesn't halve the number of problems. :-o

No, but assuming they are different double them!


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