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Re: VMs: Blanks

Zitat von Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Nick Pelling wrote:
> > One might just as well ask "why are many labels so unreasonably short?" 
> In normal documents, it is not unusual to label things with short 
> identifiers, like "A" or "Fig. 1".
> ...
> Bruce

Another approach:

The Sachsenspiegel (a 13th century German lawbook) features a column of text 
and a column of accompanying illustrations. Every illustration features a 
letter in a prominent colour. This letter (in this colour) is repeated in the 
text at the beginning of the text sequence the illustration belongs to.


bottom of the page illustrates this quite nicely.

So perhaps the labels in the VM serve the same purpose and are a "link" to the 
same word in the prose text, to which the illustration is a reference?



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