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Re: VMs: Blanks

At 17:12 02/03/2004 -0600, knoxmix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello Maurizio,

Also see:
Some Important New Statistical Findings by Captain Prescott H.


Prescott's essay is my _livre de chevet_ since a week and I am almost learning it by memory! ;-)

He regarded the line as a functional entity.

It is difficult to escape this feeling. However, in many cases, line length is (or SEEMS to be) dictated by the room left available by the drawings. In this case, whatever functionality a line has, it should have been re-calculated at copying time and this is not realistic.

I am afraid I am reaching the phase of the "Let's leave this pile of nonsense rot in its spot and forget it". I hope it will be over quickly... <g>


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