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VMs: Visiting the UK (partly OT)

Dear all,

as previously announced, I will be in the UK
around 20-24 May, in the Cambridge area. Maybe
we can organise a get-together.

This is because our Chorus will perform two
concerts there. Those interested may visit
our brand new (and still being constructed)
web site:
The planned program is in there somewhere. No,
we're not doing the 'Voynich cipher MS'
of Kyburz...
Of course you can all come and listen :-))

A bit off the (VMs) topic:

Anyone living in the southern UK and
working in a frequently visited place in
that area (university, library etc) and willing
to put up a poster to help increase our audience
would be very welcome to contact me. I can send
the poster electronically (preferred) or in 
paper form.
Here's a preview (1.5 MB):
The second page prints in B/W. I would not ask
anyone to make a colour print.

Cheers, Rene 

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