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RE: VMs: Language A/B in quire 7...?

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks very much - though may I please ask if you
> have a list of which 
> Herbal B pages you think are Bh and Bhb? I don't
> recall seeing this 
> distinction mentioned elsewhere, & it might
> correlate with the phenomena  I'm observing.

Hmmm, looking back at that, I can't really remem-
ber how I ever saw this split in two Herbal-B
dialects. From the graphics on the page it is
not at all evident. I know that this page was once
lost, and I only had a partial copy from which
I reconstructed it. Perhaps it is visible in
the matrix plots on the other article:

Right now, I have no answer to this though.

Sorry, Rene 

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