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Re: VMs: Re: word length counts

Dear Nick,

A further point: the historical approach is something of a double-edged sword in
this context, because the same evidence can be taken as pointing in two different
directions - either the VMS as deriving from a tradition, or the VMS as the
earliest example of a tradition. So, for instance, the earliest example of the
Tree of Life is apparently from 1515, according to the interesting previous
discussion on this topic. This means either that the VMS was composed
substantially after the 1470-1500 date suggested by the other evidence (plausible,
but raising interesting questions), or that the VMS really is from 1470-1500, and
is therefore the earliest example of the Tree of Life. Hmmmm.....

Best wishes,


> (3) as an historian - this asks the question "from the observable signs
> (cipherbet, structure, presentation, palaeography, layout, etc), what can I
> deduce about the author's socio-cultural milieu, location, status,
> intention, need, position? And from that (and my additional research), what
> internal properties of the code can I predict?" This is more a
> "postmodern-deconstructional" frame of mind.
> R

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