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VMs: The curious quire hand mark on f57v...?

Hi everyone,

While compiling a list of the quire marks a couple of days ago, I noticed once again the odd mark at the bottom on f57v, which would appear to be in the same slapdash hand as the quire marks (which I guess is John Dee's).

Has anyone made any tentative connections between this mark and any other sign (whether marginalia or not) in any of the books thought to have been in Dee's library?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: cool post on Tolkien, BTW. :-) I wouldn't be at all surprised if the VMS turned out to have been an inspiration for him. :-)

1	f8v
2	f16v
3	f24v
4	f32v
5	f40v
6	f48v
7	f56v
???	f57v	<-- note curious extra non-quire mark below magic circle
8	f66v
9	f67r1
10	f70v1
11	f72v1
12	f84v
14	f86v
15	f90v1
16	(missing quire)
17	f96v
18	(missing quire)
19	f102v
20	f103r