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VMs: Voynich MS radio show (Spanish)

Dear all,

On Tuesday morning, as I drove to work, I caught a 5-minute Venezuelan radio
show (one of those clones of 'Unsolved Mysteries') rambling about the VMS.
Although I had sent an email a few months ago to the radio host-writer,
Rafael Sylva making reference to all our research effort,  I was surprised
to hear the manuscript mentioned in a national radio broadcast.

Anyway, Sylva went on to describe some Ulrich von Mainz's potential link
(authorship?) to the VMS, and how this certain mysterious work, 'Arbor
Mirabilis', could well be it. But the host also made the note that Ulrich
could be an imaginary author invented by French writer Michel Ronsin(?).

It turns out that this conclusion was possibly generated by Italian science
fiction author Valerio Evangelisti, who again had twisted slightly the facts
about the VMS and turned it into a profitable story (not the first
time)*sigh*. Clearly the Kingdom of Fraud is in expansion, at least
regarding the Voynich.

Interestingly, the second show (aired yesterday) went on into a very
distorted chronology of the manuscript and how Sylva thinks, after three
years of research, that the VMS may be, in the end, an imaginary artifact
like Necronomicon. *more sighs*

The links to both popular shows for Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 (in Spanish
- just click on the dates at the website and get the show to play on
Realplayer) are here, in case anyone is attracted to this token of
Voynichean fraud trivia: