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VMs: Re: f65r - Hoya flowers

    > On occasion I come across samples like these Hoya flowers that match
    > rather well with the drawings in the VMS only to find that there is no
    > real match to the leaves/stems/roots. At times I wonder if the scribe
    > of the VMS is working from partial samples and then making up the rest
    > of the plants by either guessing or by altering the shapes for some
    > unknown purpose.

As it has been noted several times in this list, several plants in the
Herbal section are obviously clean copies of Pharma plant drawings.
Note, not just the same species, but really the same plant, in the
same pose, seen from the same angle etc.  There was a list somewhere...

Except that the Pharma drawings show only part plants --- roots, leaves,
sometimes more.  Those parts are copied faithfully (only more carefully)
in the Herbal copy.  The parts that are missing in the Pharma version
are often weird-looking in the Herbal version.

So, indeed, it look like the Herbal plants are half-real, half-invented.

All the best,