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VMs: Re: Paradigms Regained

Dennis wrote

	I must be dense.  Could you be more specific? E.g.,
French, Italian, etc. syllables don't have the
paradigmatic nature of Voynichese words, don't have the
relative small number of endings that lead one to think
of Chinese, have too many/too few open syllables, or
something I can't think of?

I think it can be shown very simply that Voynich 'words' are not transliterated words or syllables of French, German or Latin. Consider what letters can occur initially and finally in words of those languages and which ones can be doubled.


initial		abcdefghijlmnopqrstuvxz
final		acdefgilmnoprstuxz
double		elmnprst


initial		abdefghijlmnopqrstuvwz
final		bdefghlmnprstuz
double		abeglmnoprst


initial		abcdefghijlmnopqrstuvx
final		abcdeilmnorstux
double		bcdfgilmnprstu

In all three of these languages, more or less any letter which can occur finally in a word can also occur initially and many letters commonly occur as double letters. Furthermore, the letters which occur as doubles are also common initially.

In Voynichese, only c and (if it is an independent letter) i
occur as double letters at all frequently. i is never initial
and c seldom initial. Furthermore, Voynichese (a)in and (a)iin
are almost exclusively found in final position and never occur

There are other patterns in Voynich 'words' which have no
parallel in these three languages. For instance only a minority
of Voynich characters ever occur twice in the same word, and
most characters have a strong preference for a fixed position in
a word relative to other characters (e.g. where a word contains
both c and k, the c almost always comes between the k and the
end of the word).

French, German and Latin are my strongest foreign languages, but
I have never noticed the Voynich patterns in languages like
Italian which I know less well.

Philip Neal

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