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VMs: VGBT Transcription - subscriber info

Hey all,

I am doing my best to get the first four quires of this
transcription online by this weekend.  The initial presentation
has some limitations, which I will explain ...

This transcription uses a line-by-line font/image correlation with
the VMS, a visual tool that extends one's ability to search and
view multiple glyph representations and formulate their own
opinion "on the fly".  This also incorporates Nick's suggestion of
line and word numbering, for ease of discussion (kind of a "John
3:16" approach).  These abilities are not curently available in
ASCII.  Because it utilizes images taken from the VMS, it is
necessary to place major restrictions on its functionality and

I have both e-mailed Beinecke with the location of these files,
and also sent a hardcopy letter asking for permission to use the
images in this fashion.  The e-mail generated a kind "copyright
obligations" response, and a note that my request would be
reviewed.  I expect that the real answer will be submitted by
snail-mail, but I'm hopeful that they will be open to this idea.

Until I receive a response either for-or-against my chosen method
of presentation, I must severely restrict access to these files.
So here's how I'm going to proceed:

The files themselves are presently in a locked PDF format.  You
may search, view and print, but you may not copy image or text
from the file.  The ascii for the transcription will be provided
by a separate link, while the file maintains a font/image
correlation that allows for easy assessment of the transcription
itself.  In addition, the files are placed in a protected
directory, which requires a name and password to view these files.
Sorry for all the layers, but I have guaranteed a web presence
that allows this transcription to stay in one place for 5 years,
and I have to jump through all the hoops to make this happen in a
very proper way.  Just in case  - just in case they say no, I've
chosen a method of viewing that I think will pass some muster -
just in case.

For those interested in reviewing this transcription at present, I
must request that you send me an e-mail
mailto:glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx with the following information,
written in your own words:

1.  I presently own a copyflo or other form of the VMS purchased
from Beinecke, the ownership of which allows me to view digitized
images of pages I already possess.

2.  I understand that any use I make of the digitized images must
be in agreement with the copyright agreement I already signed with

3.  I agree not to copy or distribute these images in any format,
whether it be electronically or in print, and that any printing of
these images will be performed only for the purpose of making a
hard copy for my own personal use.

4.  My chosen username is: (up to 8 alphanumeric characters)

5.  My chosen password is: (up to 8 alphanumeric characters)

Again, you must include all five elements listed above, and in
your own words, not simply copied and pasted from this list.
Those of you who have dealt with Beinecke for some time might
appreciate that if this presentation is allowed to go forward,
this would be a significant breakthrough for our small group of
enthusiasts.  Until then a careful approach is warranted.

The moment I place these files online for viewing, I will of
notify each respondent of the URL.