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VMs: Re: Paradigms Regained

14/10/02 21:17:21, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>so far as I can tell,  there's nothing from Chinese
>culture in the manuscript, unless the astrology's
>Chinese, and even then, it's done with European
>symbolism.  No Chinese or Far Eastern imagery at all. 
>The Chinamen who came back with Marco Polo must just
>have done the writing, and a lunatic friend of Polo's
>produced the pictures.  Sounds like my silly African
>theory.  In short, this is a strong argument against
>Chinese, etc., actually being the underlying language.  

Remember my other theory. It was written in Chinese
by a European who had learnt Chinese in his travels.

Just like, if I would keep my notes secret, I would
write them in Sakao, in a simple substitution code.
(I could write them in Chinese too, but nowadays
Chinese is too well known. Five hundred years ago
it was not, and the code was uncrackable).

>Which brings us back to the theme I like to harp on. 
>the Voynichese 'words' be syllables of a European
>language like French, Italian, German, Croatian, etc.? 
>Why can't they be?  Like Rene, I'm sure that someone on
>the list has an answer.

Well, I know French, I know Italian, I don't know 
German or Croatian, but I know Russian. And Spanish.
And I say: "I can't see any evidence of it".