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VMs: Re: Spa architecture and inspirational sources

    > [Nick:] For a rational person, the VMS would have been a
    > significant investment in terms of time, money, and resources -
    > though quite how much of each is a matter for proper analysis.
    > Why was it so necessary? In MBA terms, what was the payback?

I see what you mean.

Still, making money (which is all that MBAs learn about) is only the
first half of Life's Problem. The other half, perhaps the hardest one,
is spending it. And I would say that people are as amazingly creative
in the latter as they are in the former...

So, let me rephrase: in order to address your last question,
we must first figure out whether the VMS was related to the
first Sub-Problem, or to the second...

All the best,