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VMs: Re: Spa architecture and inspirational sources

Thanks for all the comments - motive could prove to be, like in a good crime
novel, the key to revealing X's identity. What a terrific race to be in,
what a great contest to be a part of, the quest for the unquestionable
evidence of X's authorship ! And the best part is that when the day comes
for someone on the list (hopefully) to write something like "Eureka!" on the
subject of an email, we can all feel that we are sharing a bit of the pizza
(such a great metaphor for "satisfaction").

Note that the faces of the human characters tend to have an "S" defining the
nose profile with a connected eyebrow: although definitely not a unique
feature that can be called "exclusive", I don't think that this technique is
all that frequent in medieval portrayals (it is a style more likely to be
found in XXth Century cartoons).


"And afterward, we went unto the hot spring that was in the hollow of the
rock, anigh to the fire-pit. And I saw that there did be no snakes, neither
any of the rat-things anigh; and so I had the Maid to sit very comfortable
on the side of the pool..."

from "The Dream of X" (1912), by William Hope Hodgson