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VMs: Re: Spa architecture and inspirational sources

Hi Luis,

At 22:14 11/10/02 -0400, Luis Vélez wrote:
Indeed! but one can still find the ocassional exception to that partition
principle, as is the case of Lorenz Fries and his treaty on balneology.

I think finding potential candidates (like Fries) is extremely productive, partly because it had to be someone (!) but also because non-matches may make us more aware of what the matching criteria actually are. Key questions include:-
(a) Was X capable of making the VMS?
(b) Why (or for whom) was the VMS made?
(c) What function did the VMS perform?
(d) What links X with the VMS?
(e) Why was the VMS financially necessary for X?

I'm also waiting for a reply from Richard Palmer, a specialist in Italian
Renaissance Spas (would you believe there is such a thing?).

I certainly would, well done for finding him! :-)

If you're asking him about the VMS' spas, please make sure that you ask him if he knows of any Italian Renaissance spa built out of three separate *but sequentially linked* buildings (in the way that the VMS pages - when correctly reordered - describe).

If so, one key to cracking the VMS code may well be the "poem" page in the VMS - if we can find the plaintext to that poem (which almost certainly relates to the location of the three-section spa), we should stand an excellent chance. :-)

With the progressive digitalisation of the manuscript and incunabula
collections everywhere, the systematic chase for Voynichean art fingerprints
has become something of a new sport - and a fun one, at that!


Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....