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VMs: Early modern history of shorthand, continued...

Hi everyone,

In the Warburg Institute Library, I found an excellent book on the history of tachygraphy: "Storia della scritture veloci", Francesco Giulietti, 1968. Giuletti comments:-

	John Jewel (1522-1571), di Bowden (Devonshire), morto vescovo,
	protestante, di Salisbury, ideo un sistema abbreviativo, forse
	derivato dalle teoria del Ratcliff, col quale raccoglieva
	<<literibus quibusdem novis at pecularibus>> i Sermoni del
	suo maestro ed amico, l'Italiano Pietro Martire Vermigli (1501
	Firenze - 1562 Zurigo).

Which I translate as:-

	John Jewel (1522-1571), of Bowden (Devonshire), who at the
	time of his death was the Bishop of Salisbury, devised an
	abbreviating system (perhaps derived from Ratcliff's system),
	with which he wrote (in "literibus quibusdem novis at pecularibus")
	the Sermons of his master and friend, the Italian Pietro Martire
	Vermigli (b.1501 Florence, d.1562 Zurich)

Ratcliff's abbreviatory system ("A new art of Short and Swift Writing without characters, etc") was first published in 1688, which Giulietti places as 150 to 200 years after Ratcliff's death.

Frustratingly, the book contained neither footnotes nor a bibliography. :-((((

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....