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VMs: Voynich cover-story?

In "More on an Enigma" by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (April 1990), published
in some odd race-oriented magazine called 'Stormfront' :

> There is one gross error that is significant since it illustrates the
> operation of a mental process quite commonly found among our political allies.
> Greenberg writes:
> "The evidence that Bacon build a compound microscope and a telescope lies in a
> mysterious document, discovered in a chest in a castle in southern Italy by
> antiquarian Wilfrid Voynich in 1912. (5) This encrypted work [was] decoded in
> the 1920s by...William R. Newbold of the University of Pennsylvania....
> Newbold's deciphering was dismissed as 'groundless'...after the untimely death
> of Newbold, when a neo-inquisition arose to suppress Bacon's work because of
> its potential to overturn the corpus of Aristotelian dogma."
> (5. Greenberg cannot be charged with falsification here. He is following the
> cover-story told by Voynich when he agreed to conceal the name of the Italian
> family from whom he bought the unique and enigmatic manuscript as a profitable
> investment.)

Italian family?