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VMs: Re: glyph = combination -- not "compilation" (was: Weirdoes, ligatures)

05/10/02 10:40:34, "John Grove" <4groves@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>A glyph in any language (Alphabet, Hanzi, etc...) is a compilation of

The subject line says it. I even fished out a dictionary:

to compile = to gather (facts, literature, or other material)
into one book or corpus;  to put together or compose (a book,
outline, or other collection) from materials gathered from
several sources.

About <n>. There is at least one occurrence of a weirdo which
is <en> connected. All this makes me think that <e> and <i>
are allographes. Or environment-conditioned allophonic 
variations (another bag of grist to the Chinese-theory mill).