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VMs: Embeddable VMS fonts testing

Hey all,

Couldn't sleep, so I got up to try again, and finally got a test
page working at http://www.baconbooks.net/Voynich/meva.htm.  If
anyone gets a chance, please test this page and see if you see a
few Voynich characters.

This is far from complete at this point, but the technology tests
out sound so far, and will hopefully go a long way in allowing a
few of us in the lunatic fringe to explain exactly what we're
seeing in this script.

I'd like to see a version of the EVA Hand 1 font made available
that has the embedding flag set, and with some of the tools on
Microsoft's Web Typography page,
(http://www.microsoft.com/typography/web/default.htm) even much
older Fonts can be updated and corrected, with web links and other
creation information not available in all versions of
Fontographer, Fontmonger, etc.

The advantages of embedded fonts are that firstly you won't have
to create complicated graphics in order to express yourself.
Between embeddable EVA and a couple of other interpretations, we
should have most of the character possibilities covered, and only
the characters you use on that page are embedded, saving web space
and download times.  Everyone who sees your page should see it
exactly as you've designed it to appear, so there won't be any
misinterpretations.  And of course, most people won't download a
font just to view your page, so this guarantees that your meaning
will get across even to those who won't take the time to download
a special font.

If you're using a browser that does not support embedded fonts,
please let me know that too, so I can keep a record of what
problems may be encountered in using this technology, as Microsoft
is very good at blowing their horn, and very poor in the support

Thanks in advance.