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Re: Catherine Sforza - the author of the VMS?!?!?

Hi everyone,

Here's Patrizia Catellani's page (a Pharmacy Historian connected to the University of Pavia), describing Catherine Sforza's life, alchemy & herbals:-


This describes how, in 1525, Count Antonio Cuppano da Montefalco made a copy of the manuscript, and this is what is still in existence today. It contains 454 recipes, of which 358 are medicines, 30 chemistry (alchemy?) and 66 cosmetics.

By comparison, the VMS has 20 pharma paragrpahs, plus 323 starred paragraphs in the last section, of which folios 109 and 110 are missing. If a folio has (say) 15 stars to a side, and we're missing 4 sides, that's roughly a further 60 recipes: so 20 + 323 + 60 = 403, which is of the same order of magnitude (given that there are probably further recipes within the rest of the text).

The transcribed text of some of the recipes (from the same site):-


At this point in time, I'm seeing only similarities... :-))))

Another Italian page (from a different site entirely):-


Any VMS matches for borrago officinalis, anyone?

English:	http://www.dolomiti.it/eng/salute/bellezza/b2.htm
Italian:		http://www.dolomiti.it/ita/salute/bellezza/b2.htm

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....