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Re: Virtual Miskatonic

	But this is superb, Antonio!  Much thanks!  I'll have
to extract the bookplate for my own use.  

Miskatonic University

	Everyone, do have a look at the book.  
of Miskatonic's library holdings.  Well worth it.  I'm
tempted to order a copy.  

	On Borges - I'd already had a good synchronicity.  On
alt.lucky.w, catherine yronwode, mistress of
www.luckymojo.com  , commented on the VMs:

>  I have never heard of the Voynich Manuscript before, so at first
> mention i thought this a modern hoax ala the fiction of Jorge Luis
> Borges, Ishmael Reed, Robert Anton Wilson, and Umberto Ecco, but if it
> is not a hoax, then it certainly would be a fascinating project for
> cryptographers with an interest in the occult. :-)

	I told her that the Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi
Serafini might be just the sort of modern hoax she was
thinking of!  


antonini@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > (I assume Miskatonic University is mythical.  As I
> recall, it's a running academic joke.)
> How 'real' is 'virtual'? Check www.miskatonic.net. (Too
> many links with 'page not found' to my taste.)
> Claudio