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Re: what we know about the VMS' creation time

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> > 3 - you research the history of the manuscript, looking for an account of
> > when and where it did appear
> This did not add much to the 'Tepenec' evidence. Earliest known
> reference
> is the purchase by Rudolf II.

And even this is not "hard evidence" (even though quite probable).

> I can't resist :-)
> There are some places where no sensible person would bother carrying a
> pile of parchment. In Dutch there's the expression 'carrying water to
> the sea'.

Interesting - IIRC in English it is "carrying coal to Manchester"
and in Russian it is "carrying samovars to Tula" (but nothing
similar in Polish).

Perhaps it is not quite off topic to mention the expressions
for something totally impossible to understand, such as
"double Dutch" in English and "Turkish sermon" in Polish
(a connection to the Turkish hypothesis? <g>).

BTW: I will see the 2 books on medieval Zodiacal iconography
by prof. Sniezynska-Stolas on Monday. There is a third book
by her, too, but not the university library here.

Best regards,