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Re: Marche: VMS zodiac based on Hermetic sources going back to Dendera

Brian Eric Farnell <bfarnell@xxxxxxx>
>I hate to shoot holes in data without any better alternative to
>offer (actually I love it), but there are some problems with
>these ideas.  I don't say they are wrong, but I always like to
>point out the uncertainty factor in any data.
>1)  The hair.  Fashions repeat themselves.  People don't
>necessarily draw what is current.  Fashions appear and
>dissappear at different times in different places.
You bring up some really good points. Yes fasions are cyclical and revived
from time to time. There is a story by one Wilhlem Jensen called Gradiva,
which uses this so an early 19th century lady is thought to be a ghost from
pompeii. Late 19th centrury ladies 1880s revieved the polinaise so popular
at the time of the french revoloution.
Hair on the other hand does betray it's time. I base my observations on
sculpture, painting and film. When we interpret costume, this is our
Even when wigs are used, there are diffrences. Compare the costumes in the
film Amadeus. This looks like it was made in the 1980s. The hair and wigs
in Dangerous liasons look like the 1990s. An MGM quill pen epic from the
30s looks diffrent than one from the 50s. Even if a designer wants a given
look. A lady will allways adjust thing to her taste.
To me the illustartions look pre or about the time of columbus. I do give
this an error of 100 years. More to the 16th that the 15 ceintury.
 A few hours with image collections is a museum like the V&A in London or
online like www.thinker.org (The San Francisco museums) And anyone can
check my estimate.
Another point in a 1470 to 1530 esimate is the dimintionality in the
drawing. While there will be gifted observers. People in the 13th and 14th
century seemed to draw flat, more aligory than optics.