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Second response to S&T article

	Here, Dr. Jackson suggests that paleographers might be able to
help with the VMS provenance and dating.  He suggests in particular that
the dating looks like 1350-1400.  And he also points to a particularly
knowledgable expert in Poland, Dr. Ewa Sniezynska-Stolot who knows much
about medieval zodiacs.  Has this person checked out the VMS?  Or what
paleographers have examined the VMS?

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Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 23:12:46 -0500
From: Richard A. Jackson <RAJacobson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: The Voynich manuscript

The article is interesting, and the manuscript is most interesting. I have
not yet had time to look at the WEB sites to which you refer, but intend to
do so. In the meantime, have any of the topnotch palaeographers looked at
the script? I am thinking of the late Bernhard Bischoff in Germany or T.
Julian Brown in London. I have worked with many manuscripts from the eighth
to the eighteenth century, and the manuscript's script is fairly familiar to
me, although I would have to look at my microfilms to find a close match.
UntiI do so, and off the top of my head, I would say that the script dates
from 1350-1400; if you like, I'll check when I get back to Houston from
Calvert, TX, Monday.

The person I know who knows most about the medieval signs of the zodiac is
Ewa Sniezynska-Stolot. She published a big book on the subject about five
years ago. The book, which is lavishly illustrated, is written in Polish,
but its author speaks good English -- I got to know her personally (we had
corresponded over the years) when we were together for a month at the
Institute for Advanced Study. You might wish to send her an offprint of the
article, telling her that I recommended that you do so (she knows that I am
on the history faculty of the University of Houston). Her address:

Prof. Ewa Sniezynska-Stolot [this ignores three diacritical marks in the
name, but I think that a letter would reach her]
ul. Na Blonie 3B/99 [that is a Polish slash l in Blonie]
PL-30-148 Kraków

Richard A. Jackson